WCC Preceptor Program

The NAWCO® Preceptor Program is a WCC certification option that allows licensed, health care clinicians who have a strong passion for healing wounds, but do not have the required wound care experience to earn the WCC credential. This is a related four week program that includes, one week in a classroom setting and 120 hours with a WCC preceptor in the clinical setting.

The NAWCO Preceptor Program involves both WCC candidates and Preceptors who choose to work with those new WCC candidates. The NAWCO Preceptor Program is a great leadership opportunity for all WCCs another wound care certified professionals.

The Preceptor is an individual with a strong passion for wound care. Each preceptor will be the teacher/mentor for a WCC candidate wishing to receive his/her WCC certification credential. This Preceptor is a licensed health care professional with at least one of the following credentials: WCC, CWCN, CWON, CWOCN, or CWS. The Preceptor must have two (2) years of clinical wound care experience, in the last five (5) years and must have been wound care certified for at least one (1) year. They must work currently in a wound care setting, in either, acute care, outpatient care, ambulatory care or long term care. The Preceptor will introduce the WCC candidate to all the wound care scenarios that would pertain to the scope of the candidate’s specific licensure. They must also agree to complete all forms and logs that are required by the NAWCO. If you have a desire to teach and to share your knowledge and experience to help a fellow clinician, the NAWCO Preceptor Program is for you.

It is the responsibility of the candidate to secure a preceptor on their own. We highly recommend that you secure a preceptor prior to signing up for the approved course with Wound Care Education Institute. Click the map below to view the current directory of preceptors that are already approved that may be available for you. If there is not one in your area, here is a list of ideas to assist you in finding one.

If you are working in a facility or home health agency where there is someone certified in wound care, check there first. The process will be incredibly easy that way.

Call local hospitals, wound clinics, wound centers, long term care facilities, outpatient facilities or anywhere there could be someone certified in wound care. Call there and tell them that you are looking for someone to precept you for 120 clinical hours of wound care.

  • They will have to be certified for at least one year as a WCC, CWS or CWON, CWOCN, CWCN.
  • Working in wound care for the past two years in a setting where they see an average of 30 wounds per week.
  • Facility will allow someone that is not employed to come into their facility to train.

You can also use the LOCATE A CLINICIAN feature at the far top of this page to assist you with contacting someone in your area.

Once you find someone, they will need to apply and get approval from us before you can begin training. It is a good idea to call us back 3-5 business day after they have applied to make sure that they in fact were approved before you begin your training. Any hours completed prior to the full Preceptor approval will not be counted. Hours completed prior to completion of the required course will not be counted.

Click the picture below for the Preceptor Handbook which contains the Clinical Preceptor Application and also lists full program details and requirements.

Preceptor handbook

PRECEPTOR DIRECTORY UPDATED 10/2016- click on the map below

*NOTE: This directory is made up of a list of clinicians that have given us permission to publish their information to assist you.

If there is not someone on this list that will work for you, see the recommendations above.

Preceptor handbook