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If applying for Initial Certification, Reinstatement, or Preceptor please select the Initial Certification Application to complete.

If applying to Reinstate a lapsed credential, please complete the Initial Certification Application. Do Not select Recertification application. (Additional $300.00 late fee applies in addition to the $380.00 certification fee)

If applying for Recertification, please note:

“Training” means that you are choosing to take a skin and wound management course either Onsite or Online

“Examination” means that you are applying to take the examination

“Continuing Education” means that you have 60 contact hours of approved Continuing Education within the past 5 years.

“Mentor” means you are an approved preceptor and have mentored a WCC Candidate within the past 5 years

For additional recertification information, please refer to the Recertification Candidate Handbooks.

You must be prepared to fully complete and pay for your certification or recertification at the time of your application submission. Once you begin the application process, your information will not be saved until you hit Submit. Click here to access the list of what you will need before you start.

Applications are considered incomplete if any of the required information is missing and/or illegible, or the appropriate fee is not included. Applications must be complete before they are processed and approved.