Locate a Certified Clinician

This feature is intended for certified clinicians or certification candidates to make contact and network with others from around the country. It is also intended for patients or their family members to ask a certified clinician a question. Simply click on a state on the map below or enter the state below the map.

Verification of certification can be completed with this feature. Verification can also be made by calling NAWCO.

This feature is not to be used for the recruitment of open positions. NAWCO® offers a fee-based job board for the purpose of promoting jobs. Recruiters and employers, click here to go to the job board.

Last Name First Name City Cert Expiration Date Status Contact
Mendez Velez MD Jorge San Sebastian 6/19/2029 DWC Contact
Torres Martinez MD Fernando Guaynabo 6/3/2024 DWC Contact
Ramos Rivera Marta Caguas 4/15/2026 DWC Contact
Marrero Diaz MD Lourdes Trujillo Alto 4/15/2026 DWC Contact
Olivo-Echavarry Vanessa San Juan 11/28/2027 DWC Contact
Gonzalez Cruz MD Renier Ponce 10/21/2026 DWC Contact
Suarez Irizarry Vivian Guaynabo 2/17/2025 DWC Contact
Cortes-Rivera Cosmarie Anasco 9/2/2026 DWC Contact
Feliciano Elizabeth Bayamon 12/19/2028 WCC Contact
Martinez Camacho Ruth Mayaguez 7/24/2028 WCC Contact
Rodriguez Gonzalez Yecenia San Juan 11/20/2024 WCC Contact
Martinez Quinones Meylin Park Carolina 11/20/2024 WCC Contact
Bonilla Carmona Karla San Juan 7/22/2026 WCC Contact
Torres Fernandez Jaysha Guaynabo 6/25/2028 WCC Contact
Rodriguez Ramos Beatriz Trujillo Alto 6/7/2028 WCC Contact
Rivera Polanco Marie Vega Baja 7/22/2026 WCC Contact
Ortiz Alma Yauco 7/22/2026 WCC Contact
Collazo Vazquez Elizabeth Gurabo 11/20/2024 WCC Contact
Balcazar Thomas Carolina 8/7/2024 WCC Contact
Rosado Carmona Rosangela Toa Baja 8/11/2026 WCC Contact
Bonilla Acevedo Claribelle Camuy 4/26/2028 WCC Contact
Aponte Figueroa Fabiola Caguas 4/26/2028 WCC Contact
Hernandez Baez Maria Vega Alta 6/30/2028 WCC Contact
Cortes-Rivera Cosmarie Anasco 9/8/2028 WCC Contact
Montanez Rios Damaris Vega Alta 4/26/2028 WCC Contact
Torres Martinez MD Fernando Guaynabo 6/30/2028 WCC Contact
Mateo MD Sonia Ponce 6/30/2028 WCC Contact
Olivo-Echavarry Vanessa San Juan 11/30/2027 WCC Contact
Conaway Mediavilla MD Luzimar Guaynabo 5/23/2027 WCC Contact
Valle Myrna Caguas 6/30/2028 WCC Contact
Rodriguez Marta San Juan 4/11/2029 WCC Contact
Justiniano Ramirez Rafael Mayaguez 7/22/2026 WCC Contact
Morales Lopez Irma Guaynabo 7/22/2026 WCC Contact
Sinigaglia Orengo Nannette Guayanilla 7/6/2028 WCC Contact
Villegas Marquez Jo Anna San Juan 7/22/2026 WCC Contact
Santiago Marin Ruth Cidra 3/15/2027 WCC Contact
Guzman Vidal Jennifer Guaynabo 7/14/2027 WCC Contact
Arrieta Igartua Victor San Juan 2/28/2029 WCC Contact
Santana Rodriguez Ivette Santa Isabel 3/5/2029 WCC Contact
Ortiz Sierra Heidi Carolina 8/4/2028 WCC Contact
Candelaria Cesani Olga San Juan 8/4/2028 WCC Contact
Rodriguez Rivera Kayra Caguas 8/21/2025 WCC Contact
Garcia-Arroyo Iris San Juan 8/4/2028 WCC Contact
Fages Torres Jorge Guaynabo 8/4/2028 WCC Contact
Ariza Rios Kelin San Juan 1/27/2026 WCC Contact