Reconsideration of Adverse Eligibility and Recertification Decisions

Submitting a Request for Reconsideration

A candidate whose eligibility for initial certification or recertification has been denied may request reconsideration of the decision.

The appeal must be submitted in writing to the certification program staff member within 30 days of the initial decision of the Certification Committee. The appeal should include the decision that is being appealed, the basis for the appeal (including the reasons the candidate feels he or she is eligible for certification/recertification and how he or she complies with the published eligibility requirements), and any relevant and supporting documentation. Request for Reconsideration of Eligibility Form#: CC201.1.

Examination Results Appeal

An Individual who believes his/her examination score was improperly recorded or his/her examination was graded inaccurately may request that the examination be hand-scored. To request examination hand scoring, the individual must complete a Request for Hand Scoring NAWCO Examination Form#: CC201.2.

When a request for hand scoring is received, the certification program staff will be assigned to hand score the candidate’s examination. The hand scored results are final.

The Certification Committee may charge an administrative fee for hand scoring exams.

Review Process

Initial Review

The certification program staff member will review the request within 15 days. If the issue can be resolved at the staff level the staff member will make a determination and will notify the Committee of the result.

Review by the Certification Committee

If the issue cannot be resolved by the certification program staff member, he/she may refer the request to the Certification Committee. The request also will be referred to the Committee if the applicant does not accept a determination by the certification program staff member or if the applicant can provide additional information and/or documentation that was not available previously to the certification program staff member.

The Committee may review eligibility appeals and make determinations via teleconference meetings, via email, or other means as the committee deems appropriate as long as all committee members have the opportunity to participate in the review and decision. The Certification Committee will review, make a determination, and respond to appeal letters within 45 days after receipt of the appeal. All responses will be in writing via email. All decisions of the Certification Committee are final.