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Audit and Verification Process:

In order to maintain the credibility and integrity of the certification process, the Certification Committee verifies the information provided on renewal applications to ensure the renewal requirements are met. Requests for verification may be made prior to recertification, or at a future time. Incomplete applications may result in delays or loss of certification. All renewal applications are reviewed for accuracy and completion. Professional licenses are checked for good standing and expiration dates. Random audits are conducted through the internal quality program to confirm information provided. This information is updated in each candidate’s file.

A process for auditing CE forms has been established by the Director of Certification. Approximately 15% of all recertification applications are chosen for audit. Selection of the file to be audited is random and can be chosen from any recertification application submitted either online, by mail, email, or fax. Applications from each submission method will be considered when selecting an application to audit.

Individuals are notified via email that they have been selected to participate in the audit. They are then required to submit copies of all certificates for the listed programs provided to NAWCO for recertification.

Rationale for Recertification Requirements and Options:

Licensure: Licensure is required to satisfy professional competence safeguarded by the governing body of the profession.

Credential Status: Active status is required to ensure the individual applying for recertification has maintained all requirements for certification and is eligible for renewal.


  • Training: The NAWCO Certification Committee defines “training” as consecutive education taken over the course of multiple days. The training may be virtual or in-person but is facilitated by an instructor OR includes interaction between the individual and the content (i.e. assessments, interactive content, etc.). The training course must be approved by NAWCO to ensure the content is relevant to the WCC job role and necessary competencies. Click the following link for eligible education providers.https://www.nawccb.org/nawco-certification-committee-education-eligibility-criteria
  • Examination: Taking and passing the WCC examination provides documentation that the certified individual has adequate knowledge and understanding of the science of skin and wound care, gained through continued education and experience.
  • Continuing Education: Continuing education in wound and skin care management is a valuable way to stay up to date with changes in the industry and enhance the individual’s knowledge and skill in the job role. WCCs choosing this pathway are required to earn 60 hours of continuing education (CE) credits during the five-year cycle which equates to 12 hours per year. The 60 CE hours must be directly related to wound or skin care management. CE gives the individual flexibility in educational options. The Certification Committee recognizes that there are limitations of continuing education, notably the individual may self-select topics with a focus on convenience rather than content. However, requiring accredited continuing education helps to ensure the certificant participates in quality and relevant content. Click the following link for a list of continuing education providers.https://www.nawccb.org/continuing-education
  • Mentoring: Mentoring other clinicians in wound and skin care provides the opportunity for experienced, knowledgeable clinicians to provide oversight and training to clinicians less knowledgeable with minimal experience

    This type of training provides relevant education in skin and wound care management and helps to enhance the certificant’s knowledge and skill providing hands on clinical training. Click the following link for details about the Preceptor Program. https://www.nawccb.org/wound-care-preceptor-program

    The certification committee recognizes that this option for recertification provides an option for clinicians to use their knowledge in a way that enhances and builds not only the certification but new certificants as well.

    Refer to the WCC Recertification Handbook for instructions and details regarding recertification.

    Refunds: Application fees are deposited upon receipt. If you withdraw your application after submission, there are no refunds. If your application is denied, you will be issued a refund less a $30 application processing fee. Refund information can be found on page 12 of the Recertification Handbook.

    Use the NAWCO Online Application for all pathway options.