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Re-Examination Policy

Initial Examination:

Candidates who fail the initial exam may re-test by submitting the re-examination application found on the NAWCO web site, and paying the testing fee. Candidates may re-test a total of three times in addition to the initial attempt, within two years of attending the skin and wound management course or the initial examination date, if a course was not needed to meet eligibility requirements. After four total attempts within two years, the candidate is required to wait for a period of one year before applying to take the exam again and must submit a new application, meeting all current eligibility requirements at the time of application. Re-test candidates are required to take a different form of the exam.

Recertification Examination

By choosing the option of recertification by examination, the WCC® forfeits the opportunity to choose any other option for recertification. Example: A WCC® who fails the exam to recertify cannot change and recertify by submitting continuing education credits or by attending the training program.

A candidate may apply and take the examination for recertification up to six (6) months prior to expiration of the credential. Upon receipt of the recertification application for examination, a confirmation letter will be sent to the candidate with instructions for scheduling the examination. Please see the official NAWCO® WCC® Candidate Handbook for exam policies, procedures and study references.


Candidates who take the examination for recertification and are unsuccessful may retake the examination three (3) additional times for a total of four (4) attempts within 2 years for initial certification, or within the last (6) months prior to the credential expiration date for recertification candidates. If a candidate is unsuccessful after four (4) attempts,they will be required to wait one (1) year before reapplying. If, however, a candidate does not complete four (4) exam attempts, they do not have to wait one (1) year to reapply.

Rationale for Re-Examination Timeframe

Candidates can take the examination up to 4 times within a two year period of meeting NAWCO eligibility requirements for initial exam, or 6 month period for recertifications. Candidates who do not pass the examination on their first attempt will be eligible to retest immediately after the date of their first failed attempt. However, before the second and third, and the third and fourth attempts, candidates will be required to wait for 30 days before they will be scheduled to retest. This will provide the candidate with time to focus on areas of weakness identified on the score report, strengthening knowledge base.

All score reports will include a “pass” or “fail” result. Score reports for unsuccessful candidates will also include:

  • Candidate ID Number
  • A table that identifies the name of each exam content area along with the approximate percentage of scored content related to this content area.
    • The score in each content area (percentage score) is provided so that the candidate may better understand the relative strengths and weaknesses of their performance, and not to be used to determine Pass/Fail outcome.
    • The information is provided as descriptive feedback only and not intended to predict future test performance. Decisions about candidate performance on the test (Pass/Fail) are based on the total score which is more reliable that any content area score.

Candidates will be required to complete the Re-Examination application and pay the $380.00 certification fee. Candidates who fail to use their allowed retest attempts within two years of the first attempt must complete the certification process in its entirety.

Candidates who fail all four attempts will be required to wait one year and must meet all eligibility requirements before approval for examination will be granted.