Certificant’s Login

Upon obtaining a passing score on the NAWCO® certification exam, you are entitled to use the initials that correspond to your awarded certification. WCC®, DWC®, LLE®,  OMS, AWCC, or NWCC to designate your status. Your credential is valid for a five (5) year period.

As a certificant, you are also part of the NAWCO Certificant Association.

Certificants receive a complimentary annual issue of the Kestrel Wound Source and exclusive access to the NAWCO Certificant Support Site,

Our Facebook page is very active and contains regular posts and updates. We encourage you to “Like” our Facebook page.

The NAWCO job board WOUND CARE CAREERS is an online source for seeking new wound care positions. Registration is free. We encourage you to post your updated resume anonymously. Certificants may receive occasional open position announcement emails to keep you current with the open wound care market. All wound care professionals are welcome to use WOUND CARE CAREERS.