2018 WCC Certification Examination Changes

The WCC Exam

The WCC exam is an exam meant to demonstrate a candidate’s proficiency and mastery of essential knowledge and skills in Skin and Wound Care Management beyond that of basic licensure. Candidates who achieve a passing score on this exam demonstrate the minimum skills required to provide safe, effective, and competent practice as wound care professionals. The exam promotes consumer protection and confers peer and public recognition to those individuals who prove proficient in their practice.

WCC Exam Update Process

To ensure that WCC certificants remain current with changes in wound care and up-to-date on the demands of the profession, exam updates are periodically conducted at NAWCO. The knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies required to be safe and effective wound care clinicians are analyzed through the Job Task Analysis (JTA) process. The results of the JTA report determine the subject domains and their respective weights on the WCC Exam. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in the field of skin and wound management participate in the JTA and are responsible for writing the questions for the examinations that are administered to all WCC candidates.

The most recent JTA was performed in 2017 followed by an update to the content outline and exam. Effective September 13, 2018 WCC exams will be based on the updated content outline included below.


Please refer to this examination content outline if you are taking the exam on, or after, September 13, 2018. Candidates who take the exam on or after September 13, 2018, will not receive examination results for 8 weeks. 


NOTE: There are 110 questions on the exam. 100 of the questions are scored and correspond to the content outline provided. The additional 10 questions are included in order to test responses prior to using them as scored questions on future examinations.